Log in to Andor with your basic user account


From the beginning of the year the login page of Library’s Andor search service was changed. The choice between the two login options has puzzled some customers. Now we have edited the login page so that the difference between the options would be clear to all our customers. For the University students and staff the key to all resources in Andor is the basic user account.

University member, this is how you log in to Andor:

  • Always log in with your basic user account.
  • Add your library card to your account so that you can also make reservations and renew your loans, when you’ve logged in with the basic user account.
  • Only with this log in option you have also remote access to the e-resources the Library has acquired.

When you search for books from the library collections or Finnish articles,
search library collections.
When you search for foreign resources or do extensive searches by subject,
search Andor database.

For searching databases and e-journals use the shortcut links.


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