Workplace Wellbeing Calendar

This is the group project of KKENVAL4: Dialogue: Constructive Talk at Work, Group 2 Fall 2017. We have made a calendar that focuses on giving employees possible ways to improve wellbeing and relieve stress. Employees can use these 12 steps, one for each month, to do small tasks that help them physically or mentally. Companies can use this calendar to help their employees have a better wellbeing.

The calendar was constructed through English dialogue, in a group of 17 students from different fields. We used approximately nine hours to complete this calendar. First we talked in smaller groups and came up with different ideas. Later we talked about those ideas and decided to focus on wellbeing in workplaces. We then decided to focus on making a calendar that will help companies to give better methods to improve wellbeing for employees.

We learned that working in a larger group is much more demanding than in smaller groups. We also learned to brainstorm in big groups and build upon others ideas. Listening was crucial for our project.

Below is a link to the calendar:

Wellbeing calendar

Exercise for practicing dialogue

During the course Dialogue: Constructive Talk at Work, we made an exercise for practicing dialogue skills. This exercise was made with the intention that it can be played out in many types of workplaces. However, it is also possible to carry out this exercise in other types of groups as well, for example among university students. We have tested this exercise and found it working, but every group conducting this exercise can always tailor it to their own needs if necessary.

Here’s the link to the exercise: Dialogue Exercise

Conflicts at Work; How to communicate?

We are the students of Dialogue: Constructive Talk at Work of Summer School 2017. We’ve been through a lot of topics related to communication. As our group task, we came up with a game about conflicts at work and how to solve them. The player tries to match possible solutions to problematic situations. The situations came from our experiences at work life. At the end, we provide our own suggestion.

Click here to play: 2017Poster

Fostering creativity in the workplace

Here is a video made by KKENVAL4 Dialogue: Constructive Talk at Work Spring 2017, group 2.

This is the product of several weeks of team work and discussion. We have found common ground about creativity being important part of working life. Working life is changing rapidly and we found that creativity is important part of managing and adapting to these changes. There are many ways to improve well-being and we chose this one. We identified different aspects of working life to be improved upon and we decided to present our ideas via video.

There are four major topics in the video: time management, team work, flexibility at work and counteracting discrimination and creating
emotional safety. We chose an assortment of perspectives we wanted to raise awareness of. The video consists of tips and situations regarding creativity presented in different ways.

Working together was fun and we are satisfied with our product. We succeeded in doing this in a group as a result of thinking together through dialogue. A group is always more creative than any of its individuals on their own so dialogue is a crucial part of the creative process.

Please enjoy the video. We hope you find it helpful! 

Do’s and don’ts of communication at work

We are the students of course KKENVAL4 from University of Tampere. One of our assignments in this course was to do a group task involving different aspects of communication at work.

During the process we gathered around a big circle in every class and had a dialogue with each other and talked about how every group is doing.

We decided to create different social situations from everyday work life. There were 25 of us so we divided into 5 little groups (5×5). Every group had their own social situation to demonstrate. We had to include do’s and don’ts of communication in these situations to the demonstration. Each group decided to demonstrate their subject either as a video or a live performance in the class room. The videos or the script of the performances are shown below.
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Power tree of dialogue

We chose the topics for our discussions based on our working life experiences.We thought about various situations where we might need dialogue at any work place and chose few of those for closer inspection.

This course was about dialogue at work life. The atmosphere was open minded and accepting. The concepts that came up were freedom, humanity and equality. We learned about dialogue by using the skills in practise. We got open minded about new projects and new cultures.

We come from diverse backgrounds, we had many different majors in our group, e.g. social sciences, administrative sciences and international relations. In addition to university students 3 refugees attended the class through the Let’s Work Together project. Meeting people from other cultures and hearing about their experiences was interesting. Having people from various backgrounds enabled us to converse in rich dialogue with many different perspectives.




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Be aware of your assumptions

We are the students from the “Dialogue: Constructive Talk at Work” Summer School 2016 course. We have a very international group, composed by students coming from all over the world. Our group task represents our collective work of dialogue, since its very beginning, when we decided together the topic, the way we would do it, and so on. In this direction, we talked about dialogue techniques and theories, at the same time that we were practicing it in a multicultural group.

In our group work, we have a fictional day-by-day situation in a working place, a “case study”, in which assumptions and judgements can interfere in the group´s communication. In the end, we summarized some of our learnings over dialogue.

We hope you enjoy it!

Here you find our presentation:

Dialogue group work project Summer School 2016

From Dusk till Dawn…


  • We are students for Dialogue: constructive talk at work -course. From the beginning we hand this strong consensus about doing poster as our group task. The poster includes the values of our group and elements of constructive communication that we think are important. Our group’s values are: Respect, dedication, freedom, security and last but definitely not least humour.

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