Fostering creativity in the workplace

Here is a video made by KKENVAL4 Dialogue: Constructive Talk at Work Spring 2017, group 2.

This is the product of several weeks of team work and discussion. We have found common ground about creativity being important part of working life. Working life is changing rapidly and we found that creativity is important part of managing and adapting to these changes. There are many ways to improve well-being and we chose this one. We identified different aspects of working life to be improved upon and we decided to present our ideas via video.

There are four major topics in the video: time management, team work, flexibility at work and counteracting discrimination and creating
emotional safety. We chose an assortment of perspectives we wanted to raise awareness of. The video consists of tips and situations regarding creativity presented in different ways.

Working together was fun and we are satisfied with our product. We succeeded in doing this in a group as a result of thinking together through dialogue. A group is always more creative than any of its individuals on their own so dialogue is a crucial part of the creative process.

Please enjoy the video. We hope you find it helpful! 

Do’s and don’ts of communication at work

We are the students of course KKENVAL4 from University of Tampere. One of our assignments in this course was to do a group task involving different aspects of communication at work.

During the process we gathered around a big circle in every class and had a dialogue with each other and talked about how every group is doing.

We decided to create different social situations from everyday work life. There were 25 of us so we divided into 5 little groups (5×5). Every group had their own social situation to demonstrate. We had to include do’s and don’ts of communication in these situations to the demonstration. Each group decided to demonstrate their subject either as a video or a live performance in the class room. The videos or the script of the performances are shown below.
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