Cards Against Conflict

This game was invented in an English course KKENVAL4 where we were practicing dialogue skills. Our group wanted to work on conflict skills and this game is the end product of that process.

We were inspired by the dialogue practices we had during this course that included following topics: values, judging, assumptions, voicing and listening and forgiveness in organizations. The How to deal with a conflict model and the card game Cards Against Conflict was also inspired by our group values that we set at our first meeting: co-operation, humor, respect, creativity and responsibility. These values were alongside the process whole time, and especially humor is highly emphasized in the game. Cards Against Conflict game is also inspired by the Cards Against Humanity game.

How to Deal with a Conflict model:

In almost every conflict, there are usually three roles: the one who feels that they haven’t been respected, the one who is being accused and the one who is a bystander. This model gives tools how to have a constructive dialogue in conflict situations in given roles. Many of the ideas or tools presented can fit to several roles in a real life conflict.

Cards Against Conflict game:

This game can be played among colleagues in groups of 3–8. The game gives us correct tools how to deal with a conflict, but it also shows us how absurd and ridiculous some of our behavior models can be. It also teaches how to voice out our opinion and how to be responsible for it. The game uses humor as a tool to deal with difficult situations that usually are not faced nor discussed in organizations.

This game and model can be freely used and downloaded for non-commercial purposes.

You can find the model the game (rules and the cards) attached:











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