From Dusk till Dawn…


  • We are students for Dialogue: constructive talk at work -course. From the beginning we hand this strong consensus about doing poster as our group task. The poster includes the values of our group and elements of constructive communication that we think are important. Our group’s values are: Respect, dedication, freedom, security and last but definitely not least humour.

The elements of constructive communication are:

  • teamwork needs everyone
  • only constructive feedback
  • concentrating on the topic
  • listening what the other one is saying
  • empathy
  • cooperation
  • expressing yourself correctly
  • checking understanding
  • learning from other people’s point of views
  • constructive debating

As a team we did good and had fun. Our captain Mirja was excellent teacher and tutor, Thank you!

Eila, Mervi, Sanna, Josefina, Eero and Jussi


collective art                                              Collective art

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