First Day of Work: How I Survived

Everything looked so new and clean and the room that I was in was huge. I was nervous and alone, waiting in the lobby and sweating. I was told that someone would pick me up.

Suddenly someone said hi to me. I looked up and recognised the man from the job interview from several months ago. We shook hands and I followed him to a small meeting room full of other people. They were newcomers too, my future coworkers and friends (hopefully), and they looked just as nervous as I did. There were even some familiar faces and when they saw me, they said hi. I responded with a wave. Then we started with the introductions.

It was my first day and like everyone, I was nervous and excited to see what my new workplace would be like. Would I get new friends, would I like my boss, or my desk, the food, the lobby, the benefits and most importantly, the job. The list is endless. It was easy to begin to wonder if any of my first day expectations were even realistic. As far as I could remember, people had always talked about the importance of enjoying your work and workplace, and I kept worrying about what I would do if I hated mine. Fortunately everyone at my new workplace was nice and people kept coming to me to introduce themselves and to ask me who I was. I was asked to join others on lunch and I even got know each other better with a few people. I learned a few names and how to navigate around the buildings. Here are a few tips about starting at a new job.

  1. Ask. Every time you have a question, ask it. There will always be someone eager to answer you. It is okay if you don’t know how something works and you need a bit of guidance. After all, you are still new at the job and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.
  2. Trust yourself. You were the best person they could get for the job. Trust yourself and your skills.
  3. Be yourself. Show your coworkers and bosses what kind of person you really are.

+ Humour. Having a bit of humour goes a long way at a workplace and there’s no need to be always dead serious about everything.

Emmi Siitonen
on behalf of KKENVAL4, Group 3 Spring 2016

This concludes our blog series about communication and enjoying your work. It was educational, we learned about teamwork and had a lot of fun. Communication within the group was good. Thinking and tossing ideas was easy, although the group writing was challenging. We can take these experiences with us, and make use of them in working life.

 Eetu, Emmi, Harri, Laura, Meri, Riikka, Sanna, Sanni, Satu, Taru and Tiina


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