How to Make Work More Enjoyable: Tips and Tricks

In this post we present a few low-budget tips how people can make work more fun. It is important to try to keep these things regular and really reserve time for mentioned activities.

  • Have a positive attitude

Remembering to smile and greet others is an important way of improving wellbeing. Humor is also always a good way to further fun atmosphere. Noticing other people’s work input and giving positive feedback spreads good vibes around the office.

  •  Do things together

Introduce your hobbies to each other at the workplace and try them out with your colleagues.  You might find a new hobby for yourself and at least you get to know the people you are working with. Take little trips outside the office together and do your work in a different surrounding. Take turns to plan some kind of breakfast in the morning.

  •   Don’t forget relaxing breaks

Really utilize your breaks by doing little activities or something fun. Lunch and coffee breaks should be used for something other than work. Socializing and having something else to talk about is also a great way to unite the work community. If your job contains a lot of sitting, little stretching breaks together can be fun and healthy!

  • Be creative and spontaneous

Personalize your work environment by having your coffee mug there or by bringing photos. Dress up to make days feel a little fancier, or instead dress down to feel more relaxed. The key thing is being comfortable and changing routines. Plant veggies for everyone to enjoy. Vegetables make the office greener and you might be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Add game elements to your ordinary work day. You can for example set goals and record rating by doing something as fast or efficiently as you can. Then you can try to beat that record.

  • Make sure inclusion and communication works

Remember equality so everyone will enjoy work. Remember to take new comers in consideration. Employers should listen to employee’s goals, so employers could give better assignments and take those goals into consideration. Communication is always important.

These are only a few ready ideas. Try new ones and ask advice from co-workers.

Laura Parovuori
on behalf of KKENVAL4, Group 3 Spring 2016

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