Work plan

The aim of the project Adult Education as a means to Active Participatory Citizenship (EduMAP) is to understand and develop the real and potential impact of adult education on learning for active participatory citizenship in Europe.

In the quest for better matching in the field of adult education, both broad and targeted studies will be undertaken.

In the first phase, EduMAP will compile an inventory of the adult education policies and practices in EU Member States, particularly focusing on their relevance to young adults at risk of social exclusion (WP2).

Once a general understanding of the state-of-the-art in the EU28 has been gained, successful educational practices among young adults at risk of social exclusion will be investigated through case studies. Best practices within and outside the EU will be mapped and investigated (WP3).

EduMAP will study and map communicative ecologies in the field of adult education to understand how the providers and users of educational initiatives are situated in the flows of information and communication. Furthermore EduMAP will develop innovative forums for dialogue between educational agencies and young people (WP4).

The research findings will be used to generate an Intelligent Decision Support System (IDSS) to give policymakers and other stakeholders easy access to the information required to address the needs of vulnerable minority groups (WP5).

The structure of the project work is as follows: