The research findings will be linked back to the educational practices by developing a prototype of an Intelligent Decision Support System (IDSS) for the you of policymakers, educational authorities and other stakeholders.

The IDSS will facilitate access to scientific evidence for policymakers to support them in correcting imbalances in the field of adult education.

The aim is to contribute to the objective of establishing a cooperation mechanism among policymakers and educational authorities
to improve policymaking.

WP5 includes the following tasks:

Task 5.1 will map and analyze the existing relevant IDS systems in the field of education and labour markets.
Leading partner: University of Tampere (Finland)

Task 5.2 will create facilities for the development of the IDSS.
Leading partner: University of Tampere (Finland)

Task 5.3 includes an analysis of the data collected.
Leading partner: University of Tampere (Finland)