The EduMAP network will  invite representatives of relevant focus groups to participate in the workshops and round-table discussions.

EduMAP project presentations in conferences, workshops and seminars


Conference of the Nordic Sociological Association, Helsinki, Finland 
Paula Kuusipalo: Doing vulnerability and vulnerable populations in education

JUNE 2016

ASEM LLL Hub Symposium, Glasgow, UK
Natasha Kersh: The role of adult education in facilitating social inclusion and engagement of vulnerable adults: insights from the Horizon 2020 project

APRIL 2016

Metropolis International Steering Committee, Berlin, Germany 4.-5.4.2016
Paula Kuusipalo: Adult Educationa as a Means to Active Citizenship (EduMAP); presentation on the project

Kansainvälistyvä sosiaali- ja terveydenhuolto, Tampere, Finland
Paula Kuusipalo: Poster presentation on EduMAP