Advisory boards

To enhance international collaboration and policy relevance, an International Advisory Board has been established for the project. In addition, national Advisory Boards have been set up in each partisipating country.

The advisory boards  bring together internationally and nationally acknowledged civil society actors, policymakers and other experts with extensive experience in the area of interest.

The members of the boards provide long-term and extensive expertise on policy relevance.


International advisory board

Professor Gerard-René de Groot, Maastricht University, the Netherlands

Dr. Veronika Honkasalo, Finnish Youth Research Society

Ms. Astrid Thors, former High Commissioner on National Minorities in OSCE (2013-2016)

Professor László Vass, Budapest Metropolitan University of Applied Sciences, Hungary


National advisory boards


Dr Marja Alastalo, University Lecturer
University of Eastern Finland

Mr Janne Haikansalo, Education Coordinator
Tampere Adult Education Center

Ms Ulla-Jill Karlsson, Special Government Advisor
Ministry of Education and Culture, Department for Vocational Education and Training

Mr Kai Laitinen, Executive Manager
The Federation of Special Welfare Organisations (EHJÄ ry)

Dr Atte Oksanen, Associate Professor of Social Psychology
University of Tampere, School of Social Sciences and Humanities

Ms Päivi Rosnell, National Coordinator
NVL – Nordic Network for Adult Education

Dr Antti Teittinen, Research Manager
The Finnish Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Dr Ari Väänänen, Senior Researcher
Finnish Institute of Occupational Health


Mr Aristidis Papapoulidis, Chairperson
Action for Youth Diversity

Mr Christos Kesoglou, Chairperson
Social Center – Migrants’ Place

Dr Dimitris Varadinis, Legal Advisor/NGO Praksis
Day centre for homeless youth

Mrs Efi Siozou, Education Coordinator
Centre for the support of young addicts

Mr Ioannis Daskalakis, Employment Counselor
Employment Support, Centre for the Young

Prof. Maria Gravani, Professor of Adult and Continuing Education
Open University of Cyprus

Mrs Maro Vassara , COMPASS (NGO) for Youth and Poverty

Mrs Theodora Moirasgenti & Mrs Theofani Koltsakidou, Manager & Executive Manager
Union for the Deaf in Northern Greece

Mrs Natasa Kiorapostolou, Education Coordinator
ANTIGONE Information and Documentation Centre on Racism, Ecology, Peace and Non Violence (Youth Department)

Mrs Sofia Kyprianidou, Executive Manager
ECOPOLIS – Youth action for poverty

Dr Vaso Askitopoulou, National Coordinator
INEDIVIM – National Institute for Youth and Lifelong Learning


Dr Tamás Katona, Professor of statistical studies in Faculty of Law ELTE and USZ, the ex-president of the National Statistical Office

Dr Julia Horesnyi, Lecturer in the Department of the Labour Law, chair in the Governmental Office of Szeged

Mr Gábor  Kovács,  Senior adviser of re-training and rehabilitation, deputy president of the Association of Disabled Persons in Csongrád County

Ms Katalin Gaál, President of the Fund of the Sunny Side for Handicapped Persons -organisation