Adult Education in Europe

WP2 will identify and compare adult education policies and practices across Europe. Both past and present policies will be studied and future skills demands will be estimated.

The work package will pinpoint the shortcomings and inadequacies in statistical data making people at risk of social exclusion partly invisible and elusive in policymaking.

The current actors, dynamics, trends, mismatches and overlaps in adult education will be critically reviewed, with special reference to young adults at risk of social exclusion.

The role of public and private educational agencies in the EU28 will be compared.

The aim is to avoid unemployment and increase employment opportunities among the most vulnerable groups through adequate educational policies and practices.

WP consists of two tasks:

Task 2.1 covers the state-of-the-art knowledge on adult education in EU Member States.
Leading partner: University College London.

Task 2.2 will investigate whether the supply and use of adult education are successful in meetings the educational needs of young adults (aged 16-30) in vulnerable