UTA hosts Cross-Border International Relations autumn school


During the first week of November, University of Tampere hosts the traditional Cross-Border International Relations autumn school for the sixth time. This year, twenty-seven International Relations students from Saint-Petersburg State University, Petrozavodsk State University and University of Tampere participate at the school.

The students are offered courses that cover issues from political dynamics in Northern Europe and foreign policy analysis to academic writing and information retrieval skills.

“The autumn school is really an efficient and fun way to learn and practice what you’ve learned. For my part, I’m very glad for the opportunity for students at our university to meet with those from Petrozavodsk and St. Petersburg on my lecture course”, says Hanna Ojanen, Jean Monnet Professor at University of Tampere.

Panel discussions on the students’ planned master’s theses are also organized during the intensive week. The topics in preparation cover a wide range of issues from the EU’s macro-regional policies to identity politics in the Barents region, gender equality and rights of indigenous peoples.

The autumn school forms part of the activities of the Finnish-Russian Cross-Border University (CBU) double degree programme in International Relations, which University of Tampere together with its Russian partners has been offering since 2006.

“This is the sixth student intake to the Finnish-Russian CBU IR programme”, says Dmitri Lanko, Assistant Professor in International Relations at Saint-Petersburg State University. “There have been fat years and there have been lean years, but the cooperation between the universities has continued despite challenges, which is really important.”

The programme has a jointly designed curriculum and during each two-year cycle, three joint seasonal schools are organized – one at each participating university.

Gleb Yarovoy, Associate Professor from Petrozavodsk State University also stresses the importance of the double degree programme for the international activities of his university. The following CBU seasonal school will be organized in Petrozavodsk in May 2016.

In Tampere, the CBU double degree programme is organized in conjunction with the Master’s Programme in Russian and European Studies (RES).

For further information about the RES master’s programme, please, see http://www.uta.fi/jkk/res/index.html.

For further information about the autumn school, please, contact University lecturer Anni Kangas, anni.kangas@uta.fi, tel. +358 50 318 60 32.

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