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TamPub repository has been updated

The open institutional repository of the University of Tampere, TamPub, has been updated to a new version. The update will be visible to the users as a new user interface. This new version has new search and browse options and … Lue loppuun

MOT language service expands

At University of Tampere we have access to several MOT dictionaries, MOT Translation (Finnish-English), MOT Proofing for checking English language and to the book “Kielitoimiston oikeinkirjoitusopas”. Now we also have access to some new resources in MOT service: MOT Pro … Lue loppuun

Arvo library will be closing at 12.00 on 14 November

On Tuesday, 14 November Arvo library on Kauppi campus will be closing already at 12.00. The reason for this exceptional closing time is staff training for all Tampere3 libraries. Linna library on Main campus is open 8.00-19.00 as usual. When … Lue loppuun

All Saints’ Day opening hours at the Library

On Friday 3 November, All Saints’ Day eve, the Library offices will be closing at 16.00. On Saturday 4 November, All Saints’ Day, the Library is closed. When the Library is closed, you can return your loans to the book-return … Lue loppuun

E-book news

Taylor & Francis e-books has been moved to a new platform. University of Tampere has access to over 130 books. You can narrow down your search results to University of Tampere collection by doing a search and then selecting ”show … Lue loppuun

Touch screen in Linna’s Idea for group work

In Linna’s open studying space there is now an interactive touch screen that is available for students’ group work. The screen is beside the wall on Pinninkatu side, and with a slight turn it is handily available for groups working … Lue loppuun

Search for answers on FAQ service

On Library front page (www.uta.fi/kirjasto/en/) you can now find a handy FAQ – Search for answers box where you can find answers even when the Library is closed. The question box offers ready questions, when you start writing. You can … Lue loppuun

Ebsco login is working again

Login problems with Ebsco databases have been solved. You can sign in to Ebsco using the University’s basic account. If you have made a personal account in Ebsco, you can connect the old folder to your new account. More information: … Lue loppuun

GHD attends the Research Symposium on Mediterranean by Miia Halonen

Mediterranee Research symposium on Mediterranean region was organized September 18th in the University of Tampere in purpose to bring together the various research and education activities in Tampere related to the Mediterranean region. Rector Liisa Laakso opened the symposium emphasizing the role of international co-operation in the University’s development. Director of UNIMED (Mediterranean Universities Union) […]

Swedish insurance company grants more than a million euros for research on regional development

A research group consisting of researchers from Sweden, Finland and Norway will begin analysing factors that affect the development of Nordic regions in the long term. The aim of the study is to identify why some regions clearly develop better than others while some regions are worse off despite having relatively similar structures. In addition, […]