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Requirements for knowledge management in the public sector

Two ways of seeing the strategic role of knowledge in organizations The wider perspective takes knowledge-based value creation into consideration and aims at understanding how knowledge as a strategic resource makes a difference in a competitive sense. The narrower approach focuses on decision-making and reflects an attempt to rationalize organizations’ decision-making processes. Although the wider […]

A new insight into the operations of the Faculty of Management

Welcome to the Vaikuttaja (“The Influencer”) blog! This University of Tampere Faculty of Management blog provides a new channel for conveying information about our research activities. It is intended to serve as a window for you readers into the developments at our faculty. If a story you read here seems interesting, please contact the author… Read More »

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Guidelines for managing knowledge-intensive organizations

During the past twenty years, a vast amount of academic work has been done in the area of managing knowledge-intensive organizations. Our recent literature review synthesizes the discussion on the management of knowledge-intensive organizations and answers two research questions: first, what are the key characteristics of knowledge-intensive organizations and knowledge work, and second, what are […]

Principles of Performance Dialogue

The literature acknowledges the importance of interpretative processes, discussion and organizational learning in public performance management, but a knowledge gap remains concerning the mechanism of performance dialogue. To fill this gap, our article studies the principles of performance dialogue and collaborative performance management in public administration. The paper analyzes the evolution of performance management practices […]

FSD preserves your data and opens it for other researchers

The first EDUSTA-Gallery exhibition of the year 2017 introduces the Finnish Social Science Data Archive (FSD). The FSD, situated in Virta-building, provides a single point of access to a wide range of digital research data for learning, teaching and research purposes.


Kasvatustieteiden yksikkö on toteuttanut joulukuusta 2015 alkaen koulutusvientinä opettajankoulutuksen maisteriohjelmaa Acehissa Indonesiassa. Olemme koostaneet pitkin matkaa napatuista kuvista näyttelyn Virta-rakennuksen EDUsta Galleriaan. Näyttelyn avajaiset pidetään keskiviikkona 26.10. klo 12.30 1.kerroksen aulatilassa.

Library’s search services were renewed

Retrieval from Tampere University Library’s information resources was renewed at the beginning of the new semester when the Library introduced its new Andor service 6 September. Andor is a search portal both for the Library’s e-books, printed books and journals and for … Lue loppuun

Book Library’s group work rooms on Office 365 calendar

From 1 September 2016 the Library’s group work rooms are booked by using the University’s Office 365 calendar. After August it is not possible to make make reservations in the old booking calendar. Instructions on how to book a group … Lue loppuun

Books and laptops changed places in Linna’s Silent Reading Room

The customers have asked for more seats in Linna library’s Silent Reading Room for those readers who use a laptop. Now the use of the reading room parts has been changed so that using a laptop is allowed in the … Lue loppuun

Rainbow Off Place

Rainbow Off Place was a collection of textile stories of meaningful places and traces told by Finnish students and Iraqi asylum seekers.