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Blog: Indoor air pollution in India and its damaging effects on health By Beulah Sarah James

Indoor air pollution is a topic of great concern especially in India due to its rampant health and environmental effects. Women and young children bear the brunt of indoor air pollution. 1 Women are traditionally responsible for cooking and spend hours nearby the cooking fire when compared to men. Under-five children stay at home and […]

Blog: The hepatitis B infection in indigenous people in Nepal requires a specific intervention by Purusotam Raj Shedain

Hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection is a global public health problem1, 2. It is ubiquitous and heterogeneous. HBV infection can result either as an acute hepatitis B infection or a chronic hepatitis B (CHB) infection, i.e. more than six months. The majority of acute hepatitis B virus infection is self-limiting. People with CHB are at […]

New publication was announced on internationalisation development in higher education

Internationalisation team in HET-research group celebrated new book publication on 29 November. The book titled ”Internationalisation and Transnationalisation in Higher Education” is edited by Vesa Korhonen and Pauliina Alenius and…


I decided to experiment with microblogging, and set up three new sites: https://frans.photo.blog/, https://frans.tech.blog/ and https://frans.game.blog/. All these “dot-blog” subdomains are now offered free by WordPress.com (see: https://en.blog.wordpress.com/2018/11/28/announcing-free-dotblog-subdomains/). The idea is to post my photos, game and tech updates into these sites, for fast updates and for better organisation, than in a “general” blog site, and also to … Continue reading ”Microblogging”

Professor Helena Ranta visited Global Health & Development by Yen Phan

Professor Helena Ranta visited the University of Tampere to give a lecture on humanitarian crises for the students of Health in disasters, conflicts and complex human emergencies course. Helena Ranta is a forensic odontologist who has led a number of international expert teams in investigations of clinical forensic dentistry. She has worked, for example, in […]

Blog: Gender-related association between socioeconomic status and obesity: Is East Asia different from the West? By Xiwen Qian

The gender-related association between socioeconomic status (SES) and obesity is different among regions with different culture and developmental level. Studies are consistent that women with higher income or educational level are less likely to become obese, whether in East Asian or Western countries. Whereas for men, the association is mostly found opposite in East Asia, […]

On Blog: Use your library, new student

Welcome to Tampere University Library, dear new student! Library is available to you on University’s both campuses, Linna library on Main campus and Arvo library on Kauppi campus. At the Library you need a library card. Come and have your student … Lue loppuun

On Blog: Customers Influence the Development of Tampere3 Library

The first customer survey for Tampere3 libraries was organized in March. We received a total of 1080 responses (UTA 813, TAMK 181, TUT 86). The largest group of responders by far were the students, who generally are the most active … Lue loppuun

Haastattelukutsu työläistaustaisille yliopisto-opiskelijoille

Etsimme osallistujia touko-kesäkuussa 2018 toteutettavaan haastattelututkimukseen, joka on osa Tampereen yliopistossa tehtävää väitöskirjatutkimusta työläistaustaisten yliopisto-opiskelijoiden opintopoluista ja opintoihin kiinnittymisestä. Tutkimuksessa selvitetään koulutusmahdollisuuksien tasa-arvon toteutumista yliopisto-opintoihin hakeutumisen vaiheessa, ja sen avulla…

Toisia mahdollisuuksia?

Yliopistojen suurimmissa luentosaleissa istuu näinä päivinä jännittynyttä väkeä. Paikalla on tämän kevään ylioppilaita, kolmatta kertaa sisään yrittäviä, huippumotivoituneita, kokeilemaan tulleita, valmennuskurssin käyneitä ja uranvaihtoa pohtivia. Yliopiston portteja kolkutellaan monenlaisista lähtökohdista…